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Frequently Asked Questions

•  What is the maximum number of students per class?
A maximum of 12 students during the year - 15 during the summer.

•  How many hours of classes are held as a minimum per week?
A minimum of 15 hours during the year - 20 hours during the summer.

•  What is the minimum duration of the classes?
A minimum of two weeks of classes.

•  What is the maximum duration of the classes?
There is no maximum duration. We can offer you classes running right through the year. You can study with us for 2, 4, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40 weeks or more!

•  What is the average number of students per class?
We have an average of 8 students per class throughout the year and 12 students in the summer.

•  How my different language levels are there?
During the year, we have 5 to 6 language levels. During the summer there are 8 to 10 different language levels.

•  What time should we arrive on the first day?
New trainees should arrive at the CIEL de Strasbourg - CCI Campus division, around 8:45am on the first day. They will be welcomed by our team on the first floor of building A (the one with the facade looking out over the street). Classes begin at 9am sharp.

•  When are you closed during the year?
We only close for the Christmas period, between 24th December and 2nd January. The collective classes end in mid-December and begin again mid-January. However, the school remains open during this period and it is still possible to attend special classes or individual training sessions.


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