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The resource centre

The resource centre is a peaceful and comfortable area where students can work and read. It is open during the day from Monday to Friday.

Here, you can find:
The resource centre
- Around 15 computers with free access to the Internet and selected French exercises online.
- A library: dictionaries, grammar books, French language learning methods, French "easy to read" books, or works from French literature to be read or listened to.
- Highly practical information sheets concerning activities in Strasbourg and Alsace.
- A large number of maps and tourist guides.

After classes, the trainees visit the resource centre free of charge in order to:
Internet and selected exercises on the computer workstations
- Consult their e-mail on the Internet and send their messages.
- Study, read, and do their exercises in French.
- Train in the French language thanks to the selected exercises made available on the computer workstations.
- Keep up-to-date with the latest French and international news.
- Find practical information about life in Strasbourg including cultural, sporting or tourist activities (cinema programmes, shows, addresses of libraries, bookshops, bicycle or car-hire, trips available throughout Alsace, etc.).
- Obtain maps and other information about Strasbourg and its region.

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