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Teaching and teachers

The educational team at the CIEL of Strasbourg comprises around a dozen university-educated teachers with Master's Degree in French as a foreign language, linguistic specialisations, the didactics of languages, phonetics, language sciences,French literature, intercultural aspects, and multimedia and communication...

The educational team
The permanent team includes Miryam, Sandrine and Christiane.

The teachers/organisers are particularly attentive to the needs, motivations and interests of their students, to their individual questions, to their progress, to their training syllabus in French and to all aspects of their stay in Strasbourg.

The classroom activities are deliberately varied to allow students to make rapid progress in their oral and written expression and understanding. The role playing games used encourage students to re-use the linguistic structures that they have covered and studied. The teachers focus on spoken skills (understanding and expression). Written work is used as the starting point and anchor for the reinforcement of acquired skills. According to the objectives of the various participants, written skills are also the subject of supervised work.

The educational team
The educational approach used could be described as a "mixed" one, combining linguistic and communication skills. Authentic documents are widely used as far as the student's level allows for this. Socio-cultural aspects are also included as part of the language learning process.

The methods and support documents are regularly updated to make them as topical as possible.

All aspects of the participant’s stay in France are handled by the teaching team including social and cultural life, accommodation, visits throughout the region and the town, news, etc.

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